Join us at the FLCRC Summer 2018 Community Conference!

The FLCRC Community Conference on Saturday, June 9th will provide educational information and resources for students, parents, educators, and community members. Training and professional development is how we strengthen the impact of services and empower the community to generate powerful outcomes. Pre-registration is required and sessions fill up quickly, so reserve your seat today!

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan

Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan received her doctorate in Special Education from Illinois State University in 1994. She is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development and Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University. Dr. Webb-Hasan teaches graduate courses in culturally responsive leadership, urban school administration, instructional leadership development, and home, school and community partnerships. Her undergraduate teaching experience is in the area of multicultural education. Dr. Webb-Hasan’s research is focused on (a) culturally responsive leadership, pedagogy, and teacher development, (b) the disproportionate representation of African American learners in Special Education, (c) culturally responsive family and community engagement, and (d) the exploration of academic achievement and sociopolitical contexts impacting African American girls. She has written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and has keynoted at several national and state professional conferences. She is currently the chair of 14 doctoral committees, while serving on 46 doctoral committees. Eight doctoral students, with her serving as chair, have graduated in the last two years. She has received teaching awards from Texas A&M University and University of Texas.

Jizyah Shorts

Jizyah Shorts was crowned Miss Houston 2018 in September of 2017 at the Miss Houston Organization Scholarship Pageant. As Miss Houston, Jizyah has qualified for the Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant which will take place in June of 2018 in Richardson, Texas. Jizyah will have the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss Texas 2019 which is the preliminary competition for Miss America. She has competed twice previously holding the local titles of Miss Sam Houston State University 2016 and Miss Sugarland 2017. She placed 4th runner up in 2016 and was a top 10 finalist last year, winning a total of $8,000 in scholarship over the years.

Jizyah is a graduation of Dekaney High School, Class of 2013, where she was a four year member of the Dekaney Diamonds Dance Team serving in four leadership roles. She also attended Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, a student in the Medical Tower with the chosen CTE Pathway of Health Sciences. Miss Houston is a graduate of Sam Houston State University where she started her career in pageantry as Miss Sam Houston State University. She was a four year member of the Orange Pride Dance Team and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. She will pursue a career in Healthcare Administration and Communications. Throughout her reign, Miss Houston makes appearances and volunteers at events and fundraisers across the city including the Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Big Super Feast and Kids Meals Houston to name a couple. She enjoys speaking to groups of children at schools and events on confidence and sharing her platform, Planting the Seed that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Through this, she was found a love for community service, children, and education. For now, Jizyah will dedicate her time to being Miss Houston, spreading inspiration wherever she goes.

Jizyah is proud to serve and represent the City of Houston throughout her reign and in the upcoming Miss Texas Pageant.

Learn more about how you can support Jizyah in becoming Miss Texas 2018!


ACT/SAT Test Success

Presenter: Judi Kubena

In this session, students and parents will be introduced to strategies that will help students to increase their scores on the ACT and SAT exams. Information will be given to help a student decide which test is right for them. Learning to prepare for these tests will boost a student’s confidence and test success!

Bullying 101

Presenter: Dr. Sunday Johnson

Bullying 101 is a powerful session designed for students K-5th grade and parents to discuss the definition of bullying, the importance of bullying prevention and learn how to create a world without bullying.


Presenter: Michelle McCain

Cyberbullying is bullying through electronic means. American teens make frequent use of the Internet for such activities as communicating with friends, finding information for school assignments, and downloading music. The number of teens with online profiles, including those on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are steadily increasing. This session is for teens, parents and educators to discuss the dynamics of how technology is used to hurt, harm or humiliate another individual or group.

Do Not Believe the Hype: You Can Get Student Success through Improved Parental Involvement

Presenter: Dr. Alexander C. Warren

Parents are still the frontline for student success. This workshop will share numerous ways to engage your student and to assist them on their path to academic success.

Experiencing Bullying

Presenter: Denise Brooks

Think about what it means to be bullied. When you see someone being hurt, harmed or humiliated, do you think, “I want to help, but what can I do?” Nearly 60% of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes. Join this session and learn how being there, showing kindness and support matters with someone experiencing bullying.

Fast Money Pitch

Presenter: Dr. Janice Little

Fast Money Pitch is an interactive learning experience that enhances students’ financial knowledge using the game of baseball. Students will be given an opportunity to learn basic facts about baseball, financial terms, making smart money moves while increasing their team building skills. The objective of this session is to provide hands on learning activities, which focuses on the state and national financial literacy standards. Participants will leave this session pitching financial literacy facts.

FLCRC Program Overview: Building Better Communities by Building Stronger Families

Presenter: Dr. Sharon Delesbore

The Family Life and Community Resource Center’s (FLCRC) purpose is to connect students and families to resources, support education and health services for youth through collaboration, partnerships, and training. This session will highlight FLCRC’s 13-year history of educating, energizing and promoting positive change for individuals and families in all sectors of the community.

Health and Fitness in 2018

Presenter: Soweto White

One of the most important decisions you can make is to put your Health and Fitness first. Being healthy and fit can add years to your life. Achieving your wellness goal in 2018 can become a reality created through an effective workout plan that is proactive, purposeful, and centered around healthy eating. Join this session and learn how to be “The Best You” you can be through health and fitness.

How to Increase Cash Flow and Manage Your Debt

Presenter: Aleta Scott

Though we live in one of the richest countries in the world, many Americans today are challenged with financial problems. For many debt is a way of life. Whether saving to send the kids to college or saving for those retirement years, most people are realizing that they are simply not prepared. How does one get prepared? Preparation starts with you being proactive and arming yourself with knowledge to move you from financial insecurity to financial independence. This workshop is engaging and is designed to help you find money to save and provide you the steps to take to manage your debt.

ID Authentication: Genuine Self-Connections Lead to Inclusive Practices

Presenter: Dr. Margaret Patton

Hook them with self-identifying (ID) connections and the rest is easy! Among the many responsibilities of the classroom teacher is the most important one, making sure that each child is learning to his or her full potential. Students are more apt to engage in the thinking process when they can self-identify, connect, and make sense of the purpose of learning. Including student identifying (ID) factors in instruction create authenticity in differentiated lesson design, which lead to genuine and purposeful learning. This session will give educators practical inclusive strategies that guarantee student growth.

It's All About Relationships: Successful Development and Fundraising Results Through Donor Integration and Brand Management

Presenter: Dr. Alex Warren

This workshop will share successful social media options used to engage anyone you may meet and thereby gaining their assistance through donor engagement and brand management in order to solve nonprofit budget needs.

Leadership and Character

Presenter: Jizyah Shorts

Nobody is Looking! This session will focus on building character traits that translates into leadership skills. Participants will engage in hands on activities exploring various character traits. They will also explore how to use those skills in a leadership role. Character counts when someone is watching and nobody is looking!

Leading the Way through Service Learning

Presenters: FLCRC Youth Ambassadors

Developing the skills and talents of a leader while giving back to the community will transfer into many unique opportunities for students. Volunteering in your community is a great starting point for building leadership skills. Join the Youth Ambassador Leadership Education (Y.A.L.E.) session and start the gift of giving back to your community.

Never Too Early, Never Too Late: College & Career Preparation 101

Presenter: Michelle McCain

Preparing for life after high school involves some major planning and decision-making. Planning today for a future tomorrow will increase your chances of enjoying your life. It’s never too early to start planning for your life after high school and never too late to start planning for the rest of your life.

The College & Career Manual is required for this session. This manual is an instant resource to get you started with your planning for the future. Please purchase beforehand and we will have your manual(s) ready for you at the conference.

Purchase $25 Student Edition
Purchase $35 Parent Edition

Nonprofits as a Community Resource

Presenter: Dr. Alex Warren

With the greatest reduction in aid from State and Federal sources, local communities are learning to succeed by building better relationships through business networks.

Raising Readers

Presenter: Denise Brooks

Although our goal is to develop lifelong learners, we are sometimes faced with reluctant readers. Let’s discuss ways to engage our learners in reading and the discussion of texts. We’ll consider the importance of choice, as well as ways to make reading a family event.

Schools Partnering with Parents

Presenter: Dr. Rodney Johnson

Schools Partnering with Parents will provide an effective and practical session focused on creating and maintaining positive communication with parents, guardians, and stakeholders in today’s communication driven environments. The goal of this workshop is to help parents develop a common-sense approach to personalize, plan, and provide a purpose to their efforts to advocate on behalf of parents and students as they explore various ways to reach-out to schools in today’s busy social media driven environment.

Social Justice in Education

Presenter: Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan

This session focuses on identifying the disparities in education, sharing data relevant to the disparity, and exploring ways to address the disparities in the Fort Bend County educational system. Participants can expect to discuss the gaps in discipline referrals, specifically related to in-school suspension and out-of-school suspension. Participants will work collaboratively to explore ways of addressing the disparities and create an action plan to implement.

Sticks and Stones: Words Can Hurt!

Presenter: Linda Coleman

Stick and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Words are powerful, positive and negative. Word play affects our mind and behavior. The goal of this session is to challenge our belief system by teaching ways to evaluate and place value on “word play”. We will assess the value and worth of a word to determine, which words are kept or discarded in our memory bank. At the end of this session, participants should be able to create strategies to deal with negative words and ways to build a positive mental attitude.

Study Smarter Not Harder

Presenter: Judi Kubena

Many students are told to go home and study, but are never taught how to study. This presentation will introduce students and parents to time management skills, concentration techniques, note-taking skills, memory techniques and test taking strategies. Even students who already experience academic success can learn to study smarter not harder!

Take Action Against Bullying

Presenter: Soweto White

One in five students are bullied every year. Bullying touches so many lives. It often inspires people who want to make a difference, support the cause, and change something that has happened to too many for too long. Join this session and learn how to utilize physical activities to raise awareness for bully prevention.

Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

Presenters: Dr. Ilene Harper & Dr. Rodney Johnson

The Triple P program is a parenting and family support system designed to provide prevention and interventions for behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and the community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their potential. Triple P is delivered to parents of children 0 to 12 years. It is an evidence- based program backed up by more than 30 years of research.

Turbo Tasks that Build Confident Learners through Real-world Reading

Presenter: Dr. Margaret Patton

Confident learning is directly connected to purposeful reading comprehension. This session will give you short and practical activities that can be done at home with intermediate to high school aged students that will promote self-confidence in learning. Daily practice in real-world reading and reading comprehension lead directly to improvement in students’ academic performance. The by-product of academic improvement is self-confidence, which leads to an increased desire to want to learn.

Understanding the State's New A-through-F Rating for Your Child's School

Presenter: Dr. Sunday Johnson

How to access your child’s school report card, the meaning behind the report card grade, and discuss the four categories that make-up the school report card grade.

What to Do When Relationships Hurt: Don’t Be a Victim!

Presenters: Dr. Janice Little and Linda Coleman

This session addresses teen relationships and abuse. Participants will identify key traits of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Teen dating violence, the cycle of violence and the effects of teen violence will also be discussed. Participants will identify preventive strategies to avoid unhealthy relationships. Various community resources will also be shared.

When Engaging the System Becomes Personal: Parent Advocacy for Students Receiving Special Education and 504 Services

Presenters: Vanesia Johnson

Join this session and speak openly about the importance of parents advocating for children receiving special education and Section 504 services in the public school system. Parent Advocacy is being 504, IDEA and ADA informed.

You’re Not Alone: Stand Against Bullying

Presenter: Linda Coleman

Twenty percent of all children say they have been bullied. The more informed you are about bullying, the greater your ability to prevent it. This session is designed to educate, empower, and engage students of all ages, parents, and educators with insight to bullying issues.


Denise Brooks

Denise Brooks’ career as an educator began in 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her dream of becoming an educator became a reality. Mrs. Brooks has served as a teacher, campus instructional, data coach, teacher development specialist, program reading manager, literacy interventionist, and an administrator. She acknowledges having great mentors and collaborators throughout the years. Mrs. Brooks incorporates valuable lessons learned with her experiences to engage her audience. Her passion for teaching and learning is present when training teachers, working with struggling students, or collaborating with colleagues.

Linda Means Coleman

Linda Means Coleman is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She has twenty -five years of experience working with children and families in her current position as a school social worker. Ms. Coleman has served on several boards and participated in many community organization projects. Her academic history includes an undergraduate degree from Alabama A&M University and Masters from Prairie View A&M University. Additionally, Ms. Coleman is the founder of the NAACP-Missouri City Branch and currently holds the position of Assistant Secretary. She has dedicated her life to serving leadership, community service and civil rights.

Dr. Sharon Delesbore

Dr. Sharon Delesbore is an assistant principal at Ferndell Henry Center for Learning, the alternative discipline campus in Fort Bend ISD. Dr. Delesbore is the president of FLCRC and member of the International Center for Leadership in Education. She is a science advocate, leadership coach and professional development consultant.

FLCRC Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassador Leadership Education (Y.A.L.E.) is a student-led organization designed to promote countywide leadership opportunities for students to be actively involved with planning and implementing community initiatives. Y.A.L.E. links high school students in grades 9th through 12th throughout Fort Bend County to various activities related to leadership, service learning, and college and career readiness.

Dr. Ilene Harper

Dr. Ilene Harper is the Executive Director of the Family Life and Community Resource Center. Dr. Harper has spent over twenty-five years in the field of education inspiring and motivating students, parents, and educators. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University, two Masters Degrees and undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Harper is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, American Educational Research Association, and Pi Lambda Theta National Honor Society. She has lead successful K-12 school district initiatives that resulted in national and state awards. Dr. Harper presented to thousands a series of educational workshops, trainings and seminars. She is the author of the College and Career Preparation Manual, Y.A.L.E. program, and numerous training materials.

Dr. Rodney Johnson

Dr. Rodney Johnson is a committed educator who is dedicated to finding and creating proactive solutions for educators. Rodney has served as a math instructor and campus administrator in Richardson, Dallas, and Alief ISDs. After receiving his doctorate from Stephen F. Austin in 2005, Dr. Johnson intensified his philosophy of teaching and learning. Since 2009, Dr. Johnson is continuously engaged with consulting as a nationally certified principal coaching mentor through NAESP and Cognitive Coaching. Dr. Johnson’s proficiency includes executive mentoring, pedagogy, and data interpretation. Working with administrators and educators in Texas and out-of-state, Dr. Johnson is currently an educational specialist and shares his turnaround experiences with large and small school districts alike.

Vanesia Johnson

Vanesia Johnson is the founder and chairperson of Citizens Advocating for Social Equity (C.A.S.E.). She is owner of VRJ & Associates, LLC, a group behavioral health practice and consulting firm in Greater Houston. She serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Portal Houston, Inc. and Tri-State Regional Wellness Center, Inc. She graduated Salutatorian and Summa Cum Laude from Mississippi Valley State University where she obtained her Bachelor Degree of Social Work in May 1999. She then attended Tulane University in New Orleans, LA where she obtained her Masters of Social Work in December 2000 with a Concentration in Clinical and Administration. Ms. Johnson has over 16 years of progressive leadership experience in the areas of Corporate Compliance, Performance Improvement, Senior Management, Behavioral Health, Case Management, Clinical Supervision and Community Activism.

Judi Kubena

Judi Kubena is a retired educator who has been in education for 44 years at high school and college levels. She has prepared students for the ACT and SAT college entrance exams for 33 years. She currently provides private tutoring in most subjects, specializing in math and ACT/SAT preparation.  She also provides direction for student success, at all grade levels, with time management and study skills.

Dr. Janice Little

Dr. Janice Little is an optimistic visionary social worker who is passionate about serving children and families. She has extensive experience with Fort Bend Independent School District, Houston Astros, and Legends Hospitality. Dr. Little is the author of The G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Of Debt) Diva’s Journal and The Graduate’s Gift (4 Bases for Success). She is also the founder of Kids’ Money Klub and Kids’ Money Mart, Inc. She serves as a mentor to 3 students and consults with doctoral students to complete their dissertation process.

Dr. Michelle McCain

Dr. Michelle McCain currently teaches English as a Second Language with Alief ISD. She has 10 years of grades 6-12 experience where she has been a MIT English coach, a Texas Association of School Administrator English I & II digital content curator, a campus instructional coach, and a special educational curriculum writer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice with a minor in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Educational Curriculum and an EdD with a Specialization in Educational Leadership and Management.

Dr. Margaret Curette Patton

Dr. Margaret Curette Patton is the owner of Educator Prep!, a consulting firm that specializes in teacher
development. Within her 27 years in public education, she served as a teacher, dean, principal, and
university professor. Dr. Patton’s treasured accomplishments include being selected as Lafayette Parish’s
Teacher of the Year, Lamar CISD’s Secondary Principal of the Year, and developing the first on-line
classroom as the Coordinator for Distance Learning for the Board of Education in Louisiana.  She was
also selected as a Trailblazer of the Year by the Masons, Ever Ready Lodge #506.

Dr. Patton is a member of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and charter member of the Katy-Richmond Area Chapter of The Links, Inc.

Dr. Sunday Price-Johnson

Dr. Sunday Price-Johnson has been a secondary school educator for 19 years. She has been a Science Teacher, Instructional Specialist, Assistant Principal, Dean of Instruction, and currently an Associate Principal. She is the founder of The Price Group which provides services in educational consulting, career transition counseling, Teacher coaching, curriculum writing, and educational presentations.

Aleta Scott

Aleta Scott is a Licensed Financial Professional and Certified Financial Educator CFED® committed to making a difference in the lives of others. With over 10 years in the financial industry, Aleta has worked with many families to educate them on preparing for those important occurrences in life that impacts their finances. Whether your desire is to give your child the jumpstart he/she deserves to succeed or improve your retirement outlook, Aleta is willing to assist you.

Dr. Alexander C. Warren

Dr. Alexander C. Warren holds a Doctoral degree in Higher Education and Community College Leadership from The University of Texas – Austin; Executive Director of Project Start Smart Inc., an education nonprofit, as well as, a partner of Texas Tutor Professionals. Alex serves as President of the Spring ISD Foundation and as treasurer of the Spring ISD CTE Advisory Board. He consults on topics related to academic success, and nonprofit development. He credits his community involvement with developing a better understanding of nonprofit management and ways to develop long-term strategies, especially with regard to building successful collaborations and overall organizational success.

Soweto White

Soweto White has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 8 years. She practices her passion for health and fitness through pop-up boot camps, church boot camps and personal training sessions. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting from Louisiana Tech University, but learned early on that her professional background and passion didn’t align. She is currently the owner of Be Fit, a mobile fitness center, that seeks to encourage, empower, and equip men, women, and children to love who they are inside and out.

Conference Agenda

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Registration and Vendor Exhibit

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Opening Remarks and Keynote

10:05 am – 10:50 am
Session Block I

10:55 am – 11:40 am
Session Block II

11:40 am – 12:45 pm
Lunch Keynote and Vendor Exhibit

12:50 pm – 1:35 pm
Session Block III

1:40 pm – 2:25 pm
Session Block IV

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Closing Session

Session Blocks

Session Block I (10:05am - 10:50am)

  • Bullying 101 (RM 1443)
  • Do Not Believe the Hype: You Can Get Student Success Through Improved Parental Involvement (RM 1437)
  • FLCRC Program Overview: Building Better Communities by Building Stronger Families (RM LGI)
  • How to Increase Cash Flow and Manage Your Debt (RM 1439)
  • ID Authentication: Genuine Self-Connections Lead to Inclusive Practices (RM 1441)
  • Never Too Early, Never Too Late: College & Career Preparation 101 (College and Career Manual required) (RM 1223)
  • Raising Readers (RM 1445)
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program (RM Cafeteria)

Session Block II (10:55am - 11:40am)

  • ACT/SAT Test Success (RM 1223)
  • Fast Money Pitch (RM 1439)
  • Health and Fitness in 2018 (RM Cafeteria)
  • Social Justice in Education (RM LGI)
  • Sticks and Stones: Words Can Hurt! (RM 1441)
  • It’s All About Relationships: Successful Development and Fundraising Results Through Donor Integration and Brand Management (RM 1437)
  • Understanding the State’s New A-through-F Rating for Your Child’s School (RM 1443)
  • When Engaging the System Becomes Personal: Parent Advocacy for Students Receiving Special Education and 504 Services (RM 1445)

Session Block III (12:50pm - 1:35pm)

  • Bullying 101 (RM 1443)
  • Cyberbullying (RM 1445)
  • Health and Fitness in 2018 (RM Cafeteria)
  • How to Increase Cash Flow and Manage Your Debt (RM 1439)
  • Leading the Way through Service Learning (RM 1223)
  • Nonprofits as a Community Resource (RM 1437)
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program (RM 1441)
  • You’re Not Alone: Stand Against Bullying (RM LGI)

Session Block IV (1:40pm - 2:25pm)

  • Do Not Believe the Hype: You Can Get Student Success Through Improved Parental Involvement (RM 1437)
  • Experiencing Bullying (RM 1443)
  • Leadership and Character (RM LGI)
  • Schools Partnering with Parents (RM 1441)
  • Study Smarter Not Harder (RM 1223)
  • Take Action Against Bullying (RM Cafeteria)
  • Turbo Tasks that Build Confident Learners through Real-World Reading (RM 1445)
  • What to Do When Relationships Hurt: Don’t Be a Victim! (RM 1439)

When & Where

Saturday, June 9, 2018

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

George Ranch High School
8181 FM 762
Richmond, TX 77469

Conference Cost

Students– Free (registration is still required)
Parents – $15
Educators – $45
Community Members – $45

Lunch is provided with each registration.
6 Hours of TEA CEU credit for educators.

Payment by PO (Educators)

Educators who wish to pay with a purchase order through their organization can provide their PO number when registering.

College and Career Manual

Registrants planning to attend Never Too Early, Never Too Late: College & Career Preparation 101 are required to purchase the College and Career Manual. This manual is an instant resource to get you started with your planning for the future. Please purchase beforehand using the following links and we will have your manual(s) ready for you at the conference: $25 Student Edition | $35 Parent Edition

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