Pre-Y.A.L.E. Emerging Leader Award

The Pre-Y.A.L.E. Emerging Leader Award honors a Pre-Y.A.L.E. ambassador for outstanding leadership. The essence of an outstanding leader is a person with integrity; they are trustworthy and comfortable handling tough situations. Valuing everyone in the program and investing time to let the others know they are important to the mission are key traits. If you encounter this youth leader, you will see a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable youth who is genuine in their approach. One recipient will receive a $150 VISA Gift Card.

Pre-Y.A.L.E. Service Learning Award

The Pre-Y.A.L.E. Service Learning Award will go to a Pre-Y.A.L.E. ambassador for outstanding service. Service learning supports a culture of civic engagement through learning and investing in the community. By working in the community, students can enhance their knowledge, gain a better understanding of themselves, explore and develop ways to contribute to the community. This award highlights a self-confident youth with an enhanced commitment to public service. One recipient will receive a $150 VISA Gift Card.

Y.A.L.E. Diversity Travel Award

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